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Now the challenges become:

1. How can I make a server-to-server ActivityPub call to post my comment from a form on my website, which is hosted on IPFS?
2. Where can I store the private key for the "" user or let people BYO-Key
3. How can I get notified when somebody comments on my site?

4. Much more philosophical: IS THIS REALLY DECENTRALIZED OR IS IT NOT???

Ok, I really shouldn't have put the word "painless" here, since it really seems to piss people off.

But it's still a cool proof-of-concept :D

The mere presence of a smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity:

"Even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention—as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones—the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capacity. Moreover, these cognitive costs are highest for those highest in smartphone dependence."

Alternatively, before I dive into this article, is there any way to get my Mastodon instance to verify signatures with RSA public keys instead of x.509?

@mark the CN, O, OU, and C the form there asks for, plus the public key go into the cert body; the private key signs it, but doesn't get inserted into the cert (that'd defeat the point)

Can a webfinger document have more than one link rel="self" ?


That is safe navigation, it protects in the event you've got an unexpected nil.

@mark i still have no idea what that acronym means

as i understand it, asn.1 is the serialization format that most x.509 things expect

ok how do I generate an X.509 public key with web crypto

Hi what is this syntax, the ampersand:

return'self')&.href and

Oh man I think I need to rest for the night. It's so frustrating to be this close and not be there yet.

oh dog it is ON

editing cors.rb, as much as it pains me... seems to be doing the trick